CASI (Comprehensive Attitude Strategies Interests) is a form of reading assessment that allows teachers to assess levels of reading comprehension.
EachCASI test, no matter the grade or story, is exactly the same. That ishow this form of assessment is made to improve teaching methods andstudent understanding and performance!

Students are provided with a short reading passage after which they arerequired to answer questions which assess the ability to respond to thefollowing ideas:

Summarize (Students are to re-tell the story with a beginning, middle and end in their own words)
Main Idea (Students should answer WHY the author would want to write the text. What does the author want the reader to know?)

Conventions (4 multiple choice questions concerning grammar, punctuation, word usage)

Text Forms and Text Features (features– glossary, headings, titles, different fonts, pictures, subtitles,dialogue...forms – narrative, recount, procedure, report, explanation,persuasive)

Comprehension (a deeper understanding of the meaning and message of the story)

Information from the Passages and Your Own Ideas(Students make connections, relating what is read to something on apersonal level [text-to-text, text-to-self, text-to-world]. What text,video, movie, thing you have experienced or thing that has gone on inthe world does the text remind you of?)

Identifying Point of View (Perspective...everyone has a different point of view. Think about the author’s point of view or opinion).

You can help your child with their reading comprehension by asking themthought provoking questions when you are reading with them, watching agood movie and as you experience life together.  Reading is for meaningand God has provided us with a world full of interesting experiences.