Grade 5 is Fun


This past summer Ms. Taylor and I traveled to Africa.  We visited our sister school, Pimbiniet Elementary, and had a wonderful time meeting the staff and students.  What a blessing it was for us to be able to help them build their school.  In Africa the government will provide a teacher for every classroom that is built so we worked very hard to provide a good head start for a new room.  The foundation had been set and the bricks were laid ready for the next crew.  We have since seen pictures of the progress and are very happy to see that the walls are up and they are waiting for the roof.  Who knows?  It may be up now!

Any students that wrote to the students of Pimbiniet and provided us with letters to take with us received a letter from a Pimbiniet student to whom they can write back.  We will be writing pen pal letters this year as a class but if your child has a pen pal already they can begin writing as soon as they want.  I have the address.  What a great experience for our children to be able to share their culture!