Math is a GAME


Everyday of our lives we use math in work, in play and in just doing ourregular routines.  Math is not just about number skills! But knowing howto work with numbers is certainly a BIG part! Our class has spent timelearning how what numbers look like, how to break them apart and how touse the four operations. We’ve added, subtracted and recently have beendiscovering how to multiply numbers as they grow bigger.

Learning About Multiplication

Learninghow to multiply can be fun and easy!  When we begin we see howmultiplication can be seen as an organized picture that are calledARRAYS!

Picturesspeak 1000 words goes the old saying!  As we continue to work withbigger numbers these pictures become bigger.  We develop ways to understand and handle them

Thearray box method allows students to turn their understanding of thepictures into a number arrangement that they can work with. It can beextended to more than a two digit array as well.

Isthere more than one way to multiply? ABSOLUTELY.....and we willcontinue to investigate .......!    Don’t worry the ‘old’ method iscoming!!!!  But it’s not the only way and it does require that thestudents recall to ‘carry’ in their heads or understand the idea ofcarrying when the write it down.  This is when the errors happen.  

Math is EVERYWHERE and there are many ways to problem solve for an answer!