Project Work

Structures and Forces

Structures are built for lots of reasons.  Our class built someawesome bridges that were to withstand the load of one full pop can intimes of fierce wind and earthquake.  Some were very successful.  Otherslearned that they needed to reconsider the materials they chose and theshapes they used.  Make sure that you look at the pictures in our photogallery!

Energy Houses

Studentshave completed work on a combined Math and Science unit through theConservation of Energy Science curriculum.  In groups, students havebuilt model homes and analysed how various changes to the build impactsheat retention. They have also determined how simple changes to ourdaily lives can help us conserve energy for the future.

If you happen to be in the school, visit the Photo Gallery link to seetheir work.  You will see not only see their handiwork but also all thegreat math that went along with this task.

The mathematical processes that support effective learning in mathematics are as follows:
• problem solving
• reasoning and proving
• reflecting
• selecting tools and computational strategies
• connecting
• representing
• communicating

Number Sense
- solve problems involving the addition, subtraction,
- use estimation when solving problems involving the addition, subtraction to help judge the reasonableness of a solution.
 -make a table of values for a pattern that is generated by adding or subtracting a number to get the next term
Data Management
- collect and organize discrete or continuous primary data and secondarydata and display the data using charts and graphs, includingbroken-line graphs
- read,describe,and interpret primary data and secondary data presented in charts and graphs, including broken-line graphs
- calculate the mean for a small set of data and use it to describe theshape of the data set across its range of values, using charts, tables,and graphs
- measure and record temperatures to determine and represent temperature changes over time
- measure (i.e., using an analogue clock) and represent time intervals

What fun we had!!!!