Mrs. Williamson

Welcome to Grade 2 with Mrs. Williamson

~A current CBC is required if you are interested in volunteering this school year. 

~Library book-exchange is every Tuesday. Please return books for weekly exchange.

~Students will have French with Mme. Sey (A days), Arts and Health with Mr. Gowan (B days).


Sept. 26 Electrical Safety Presentation 9:00-10 :00
Sept. 27 Terry Fox Run – On site - weather permitting
Sept. 27 Open House & BBQ – 5-7 pm
Sept. 28 PD Day
Oct. 4 Feast of St. Francis School Mass - Outside Weather Permitting
Oct. 8 Thanksgiving Monday
Oct. 11 Christ-like – 9:30
Oct. 15 Photos
Oct. 17 Fire Safety Training
Oct. 26 PA Day
Oct. 31 Dance-a-thon
Nov. 8 Christ-like – 9:30
Nov. 9 Remembrance Day Liturgy
Nov. 14 Progress Reports Go Home
Nov. 15 Parent Teacher Conference (evening)
Nov. 16 Parent Teacher Conference (day)
Nov. 19 Photo Retakes
Nov. 20 Barrie Colts Kick-Off
Dec. 13 Christ-like – 9:30

read~Indoor shoes (appropriate for Phys. Ed.)

~Read, read, READ! At least a little (or a lot) every day :)

~I will be sending levelled readers home soon with reading logs to complete. Please return it to school daily so that students have their books to use in our guided reading program and for weekly exchange.

~Spelling words go home on Monday. Spelling tests are on Friday. Tests will be sent home for you to see and for students to write the correct  spelling beside any misspelled words.