Mrs. Williamson's Grade 1/2


Christmas Concert: DECEMBER 15th - our class will be performing the Glee mash-up "Deck the Rooftop" (click for the youtube link). Please practice at home so that everyone knows the song and we can focus on presentation/performance :) Also, I'm looking for about 5 large boxes - big enough for one student to hide inside if the back is cut out and 1-2 students to hide behind. 

Santa: please dress in a Santa costume the best you can :)

Elves: please find an elf hat, wear red and/or green (and black plants if no red/green)

Outdoor boys: please wear a hat, thin mitts, and a scarf and/or light jacket/vest, please bring in a small-medium sized Christmas gift bag.

Pyjama girls: please wear PJs, and bring in a doll (wrapped with your name large and clearly seen)

Coming Soon! - (Delay - pending approval for SeeSaw or FreshGrade).
Start of the year CLASS NEWSLETTER has important notes (preview by clicking it).

~Please ensure a current criminal record check/all of the paperwork is up to date in the office if you are interested in volunteering this school year. Thank you! :)

~Library book-exchange is every Monday. Please return books for weekly exchange.

~Students will have Mr. Gowan for Arts (A days), Mme. Tanner for French (B days) and Mr. Lafromboise ("Mr. L."). for Health (Thursdays).



read~Indoor shoes (appropriate for Phys. Ed.)

~Read, read, READ! :)

~I will be sending levelled readers home to practice in the red reading folder with reading logs to complete. Please return to school daily and exchange for new books on Mondays.

~Spelling words go home on Monday. Tuesday's spelling sheet is due Thursday (if not completed in class). Spelling tests are on Friday. Your child will write the correct  spelling beside any misspelled words and I will send the spelling test books home for you to sign. One way to practice your words is by putting them into this site.

Check out the school subjects for extra resources to support at-home learning and help with homework. The useful links section has several links to educational websites recommended by our school board as well as additional links.